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Autoimmune Disease and Cancer

Current statistics are staggering at one in two being diagnosed with cancer. For those suffering with one or more types of autoimmune disease, the statistics are at 80%. It is no wonder that most of us have been touched by a loved one or friend who is dealing with it or worse, losing a loved one or friend to cancer.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in January of 2019. As of this writing, it has been just over a year and a half since that fateful day. It is not news that anyone wants to hear. Yet truth be told, I was not surprised by this. I had been struggling for a long time with autoimmune disease then several traumatic events took place that sent me over the proverbial edge. It has taken me this long to be able to write about it publicly not to mention to feel well enough to do so!

I have learned many things along the way and can only feel truly blessed by the wonderful experiences I've had. God is showing me a better way to deal with living in this world through the often difficult lessons obtained through illness. I hope I can share some of this journey with you dear reader.

To those of you who know me personally, I wish to express my deepest gratitude for your encouragement and kindness, your love shown in a simple smile that brightens my day, for the help that I have receive in many ways, for everyone's patience including those I work with and the customers we serve. We are all on a journey and I thank you for the privilege of being in your journey and you in mine in whatever way big or small.

Me and my late aunt Nancy...

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